Tina has worked as an accountant and took a career break to have children. She now wants to set up her own food business and has just graduated from the Culinary Skills Certificate course. Here she tells us her story…

Tell us more about your career background

I’m an accountant by trade and took a career break to become a full-time Mum. I’m now ready to think about my career again and this feels like a good time to look at some new avenues.

What are your future career goals?

I’m really passionate about food and am considering setting up my own cafe or food van to take to festivals. I want my own business that I can flex around the kids.

How did you hear about White Pepper?

My children have been on a cookery course and I’ve been on a Christmas baking course and recently a knife skills course with my son. It was a lot of fun and it really improved my skills. I then found out about the professional cookery course. I had been thinking about a one year course at college but the 3 week course suited me much better. It has small class sizes and is much more intensive in a short period of time.

Would you recommend this course to others?

I would definitely recommend White Pepper. It’s given me the confidence that I can have this career change. It’s a great place to learn and I’ve had lots of support. To get a qualification in 3 weeks is really good.

What skills do you feel have most improved?

My bakery skills have really improved as well as my butchery skills. I’ve picked up lots of hints and tips during the three weeks and my overall cooking skills have definitely improved.

What things have you enjoyed the most about the course?

Although it’s been full on, there have been lots of enjoyable points. The team have been great, and I’ve never felt bored. It’s been a really engaging course.

How do you feel about setting up your own food business now?

I feel much more confident, and it’s opened up lots of different opportunities for me. It’s inspired me to do more courses and learn more. It’s given me some new ideas for potential business ideas and I feel much more confident to start my own venture.

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