Rob has spent the last 5 years working on large yachts but wanted to gain culinary skills to work in the kitchen. He has just graduated from the Culinary Skills Certificate and is going back to work on yachts. Read about his experience…

Tell us about your current situation and reasons for doing the course

I’ve been working on boats for 5 years and have taken the summer off to do some qualifications. I’m hoping to move forwards and work on a boat again but for me it pays to be more versatile. That involves being able to work in a kitchen.

Why did you choose White Pepper?

I heard about White Pepper through my Mum. I looked at the White Pepper website and was impressed with the awards they’ve won. I came down to meet the team and they all seemed very friendly. Also, we live locally so the location is ideal. I’ve looked and there’s nothing else nearby without having to go to London, which is a long way when White Pepper is right on my doorstep.

What skills do you feel have most improved?

I’m much more confident with butchery now, I feel like I can get the most out of an animal and reduce wastage. Also, just my general awareness of how to do things in a professional kitchen has improved.

What things have you enjoyed the most about the course?

Working as part of a team and honing my skills in the kitchen. Everyone has really gelled and got on well, which makes a difference. It’s good experience working as part of a team in a professional kitchen environment too.

What are you going to do now the course has finished?

I plan to go back on the boats this winter, and I’ll definitely be pushing to work in the kitchen!

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