Denis chef academy graduate

Michelle used to own a care home and is now heading into the hotel business. She is a graduate of the 3 week Certificate in Culinary Skills course (September 2016). Here she tells us about her experience…

Tell us about your background and reasons for choosing the course

My husband and I owned a care home for many years and we’ve recently decided to move to the hotel trade. We’re in the process of buying somewhere and although we won’t be cooking in the kitchen, we wanted to understand more about how a professional kitchen works to help us recruit the right staff.

What were your reasons for choosing White Pepper?

I only live in Bournemouth so the cookery school was very convenient for me.

What skills do you feel have developed?

Butchery, baking and filleting fish.

What have you enjoyed most about the course?

I’ve enjoyed the teaching very much. Also, the hands-on side of the course and the other people on the course have been great.

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