Having just finished university, gap year student Jack wanted to improve his cookery skills to help find work whilst travelling. He is a graduate of the Culinary Skills Certificate course (September 2015). Here he tells us how the course has helped improve his confidence to chef around the world.

Tell us about your current situation

I just finished University this summer and am working in a school to save up to go travelling during my gap year.

What made you choose the course?

I was looking for a professional cookery course that would give me lifelong kitchen skills, but also to develop my skills as a chef so I can find work when I go travelling. I’m hoping to travel around the world and make money from working as a chef along the way. I’d also like to keep my options open and if I really enjoy being a chef then I might pursue it as a long-term career.

Why did you choose White Pepper?

My Mum has done a breadmaking course and couldn’t recommend the place highly enough. Friends have also recommended Luke as a high quality Chef and I’ve definitely learnt a lot from him. When I was looking to do a chef’s course, I looked into White Pepper and it was just what I was looking for. Also, the fact that you get small class sizes with lots of individual tutoring really sold it to me.

What skills do you feel have most improved?

I feel like I’ve gained valuable cooking skills that I can improve and develop both at home and also in a professional kitchen whilst I’m abroad. My butchery skills have definitely improved. I can now joint a chicken and utilise all the meat properly, which is a really useful skill. My baking has also improved and I feel like I’m quite good at making cakes, pastries and biscuits now.

What things have you enjoyed most about the course?

The fact that the course is so hands-on. There’s no better way of learning than doing it yourself. Also, seeing an improvement in your skills throughout the course has really inspired me and improved my confidence. I feel like I’ve been challenged, but in a good way, I think you need that to really push yourself and improve. Working under pressure has also been valuable, as it’s much different to cooking at home.

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