Emma Snelson aspiring chef

Emma graduated from a 3D Model Making degree in Hertfordshire before attending the course at WhitePepper, having decided the model-making industry was too competitive to pursue a full-time career. She now has the Culinary Skills Certificate under her belt, and is ready to launch a second career in food. She has already secured a job in a professional kitchen, here she shares her story…

What is your career background?

I trained as a 3D model maker, which sounds very glamorous as I get to make props for films like James Bond, but the reality is long hours, poor pay and high competition within the industry. Props are a ‘nice to have’ product, whereas food is a much more viable industry as everyone eats! I finished my Degree a month before I started the course at WhitePepper.

Why did you decide to take the course?

I wanted to pursue a second career path so that I can still take on freelance model-making projects but also be able to work in a professional kitchen. This way I won’t be dependent on one career route. My dream is to be a Ski Chalet Host.

What made you choose WhitePepper?

I looked at lots of courses that were a year long. The fact I get career support for 3 years after the course finishes really sold it to me. I’d love to get work in a Ski Chalet so the fact WhitePepper can help open doors is really great. Also, I liked the Dorset location. I come from Manchester but I’m not scared to explore new places, so I liked the fact I would be spending 3 weeks in Dorset.

Provenance is important to me, and WhitePepper has close links with food producers and local suppliers. I like to know where food has come from so I booked onto the Provenance Tours after the 3 week course as I was keen to meet local Dorset suppliers and have a ‘behind-the-scenes’ tour.

How did you feel once you’d booked the course?

It was a big worry leaving a 3 year Model-Making Degree and only having one career route. Once I’d booked onto the Culinary Skills Certificate I felt very confident, as it is contributing towards my long-term goals to not be reliant on one industry.

What skills do you feel have most improved?

I’ve picked up so many skills. Learning about butchery, depth of flavour and how to season food properly has been really useful. It’s all these tricks of the trade that make you a professional rather than a home chef.

What have you enjoyed most about the course?

I’ve enjoyed the atmosphere and the location, but also the skills like butchery and learning how to make sauces properly.

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