Denis chef academy graduate

Debbie has spent her life in farming and is preparing to open a pub with her husband. She is a graduate of the 3 week Certificate in Culinary Skills course (September 2016). Here she shares her experience of the course…

Tell us about your background and reasons for choosing the course

My husband and I run a Management Consultancy for farming enterprises across the world. We are ready to start something new which can be based at home. We’re currently in the process of buying a pub in Devon so this course is perfect because it’s not too long and covers a huge amount of skills.

What were your reasons for choosing White Pepper?

We researched lots of schools, including ones in London. White Pepper appealed because it gave us the opportunity to work in a busy kitchen. This will be essential for me as a pub owner. The website was very comprehensive and I felt fully informed about the course content. I also really liked the location.

What skills do you feel have developed?

My food presentation techniques and learning to cook and prepare food under pressure. This will be a key skill when running a pub and working in the kitchen.

What have you enjoyed most about the course?

I’ve enjoyed working as part of a team, and learning to work efficiently with others in the kitchen.

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