Aspiring food business entrepreneur Chris

Keen foodie Chris embarked on the course to hone his kitchen skills and enjoy 3 weeks on the beautiful Dorset coast, and is now considering a new foodie business venture. He is a graduate from the 3 week Culinary Skills Certificate (February 2016). Here he tells us about his experience of the course…

Why did you decide to take the course?

I’ve always had a keen interest in cooking, and with three sons I’ve spent plenty of time in the kitchen. I thought the course would be a chance to improve my culinary skills and learn new techniques. I’d like to put the skills to good use and am considering setting up my own venture.

What is your career background?

I’ve spent most of my working life in running my own business and know the ins and outs of owning a company. I’m hoping I can use my business experience along with the culinary skills I’ve learnt to open a cafe or restaurant in the future.

What made you choose White Pepper?

The location really sold it for me. I don’t live in the area so to get the chance to spend 3 weeks staying on the coast whilst improving my cooking skills in the rural countryside sounded fantastic. It was easy to take the time off work and it’s a bit of a holiday for me really. I also found the visits to local food producers really useful, as it’s useful to see the logistics of running a food business first-hand.

What skills do you feel have most improved?

I now have the confidence to try new recipes. I am new to baking but will be doing more after the course to keep my skills up.

Will you be looking to set up a new venture soon?

Yes, I am looking for a property in Kent from which to run a food business of some description.

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