Denis chef academy graduate

Carmel has always enjoyed cooking and wanted to take the course to learn about food on a more serious level. She is a graduate of the 3 week Certificate in Culinary Skills course (September 2016). Here she tells us about her experience…

Tell us about your background and reasons for choosing the course

I’ve been in France on a kids summer camp and decided now would be a good time to gain life skills, and dip my toe in the water to see if I’d like to start a culinary career.

What were your reasons for choosing White Pepper?

I booked a recreational course a few months ago and then found out about the professional courses on offer at White Pepper. The school has a great reputation so I decided to go for it!

What skills do you feel have developed?

It’s broadened my skillset and given me more confidence in the kitchen.

What have you enjoyed most about the course?

I’ve enjoyed the practical side of the course. Being shown how to do something and then having the freedom to try it myself, it has pushed me more than I thought.

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