Ben leaves a job in print for the food industry

Ben quit his job the Friday before he started the course and is confident about the new career path ahead of him. He is a graduate of the 3 week Culinary Skills Certificate (February 2016). Here he tells us about his experience of the course…

What is your career background?

I’ve been in the printing business since I started my career but I’ve done some small catering jobs and have always been interested in food. I decided to take the plunge and quit my job, so  I’m now raring to get started in something new.

What were your reasons for choosing the course?

I wanted to gain as many skills as possible and get a qualification to help boost my CV and launch my new career. Although I’ve got a background in food I wanted to professionalise my skills so that I’m ready to work in a modern kitchen. I also thought the career support was useful to gain links to recruitment agents in the industry and help find work.

What made you choose White Pepper?

The course content was really comprehensive and I thought it would give me a wide range of culinary skills. Also, it’s good to get out of London and study somewhere completely different. The location is near to transport links but in the countryside so it’s a good mix. It was more cost-effective than studying in London and White Pepper recommended a local B&B which has been great.

What skills do you feel you have most improved?

I was good at cooking before the course but it really has taken my skills to the next level. We’ve covered lots of disciplines and I’ve learnt many tricks of the trade. In particular, making sweet dishes like roulade and profiteroles has been a great skill to learn, and my fish filleting and butchery has also hugely improved as a result of the course.

What are your plans now that you’ve finished the course?

My mind is now awash with potential business ideas, especially after the food business event we had as part of the course. It was a great chance to meet food and drink producers who are already running businesses. My plan is to get as much experience as possible and then start my own venture!

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