Aspires to be a chef in a 2 Star Michelin restaurant. “I’m coming back for Level 3.”


Starting a career as a chef in the Netherlands.  “I would really recommend it.”


Plans to open a top restaurant.  “I’ve had an amazing time.”


Moves into the food industry after a decade in media.  “I want to open a successful catering business.”


Training to be a top chef in Brighton. “It’s been so comprehensive and informative. I’ve really enjoyed the butchery and baking.”


Currently working in retail and ready for a change. “WhitePepper was the obvious choice.”

Daniel Stefan

A passionate cook ready to become a professional chef. “WhitePepper came highly recommended.”


Currently a cookery teacher in a British International school in the Czech Republic. “I wanted to hone my skills, get more of a professional level qualification.” Read Ben’s story.


Training for a new career route after university. “I’ve picked up so many skills.” Read Emma’s story.


Currently a cafe manager in London. “I want to cook for a living.” Read Jakub’s story.


Currently a deckhand or 1st mate on various sailing yachts for last 5 years. “I wanted to become more versatile as an employee on boats.” Read Rob’s story.


Previously an Agricultural Engineer in Turkey. “I can now cook French pastries! This certificate course will help me to further my professional career.” Read Ersen’s story.

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