Charlotte – Food Entrepreneur

Aspires to start a private catering business. “Fantastic tutors – a very positive experience!”

Aasma – Aspiring Chef

Moves into the food industry after a decade in media.  “I want to open a successful catering business.”

Toby – Aspiring Restaurant Owner

Currently an Assistant Director on Film and Television for last 25 years. “The tutoring has been great, really engaging.” Read Toby’s story.

Ben – Ambitious Culinary Professional

Currently a cookery teacher in a British International school in the Czech Republic. “I wanted to hone my skills, get more of a professional level qualification.” Read Ben’s story.

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Cindy – Career Changer

Makes a career move from the defence industry to the hospitality industry. “I had no knowledge of this before – the amount you can learn in 3 weeks is amazing!” Read Cindy’s story.

Carrie – Food Entrepreneur

Makes a career move from publishing to food. “The course is very hands-on, I liked the teaching style.” Read Carrie’s story.

Ersen – Aspiring Chef

Previously an Agricultural Engineer in Turkey. “I can now cook French pastries! This certificate course will help me to further my professional career.” Read Ersen’s story.

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John – Hobbyist and Enthusiast

Recently retired from 30 years in the Police Servce. “I just enjoy my food and wanted to develop my own personal skills. I’ve enjoyed the tricks of the trade most of all!” Read John’s story.

Eva – Gap Year Student

Recently finished school and went to Costa Rica to volunteer. Her mother suggested this course. “I’ve developed more skills here than in my whole life!” Read Eva’s story.

Carrie – School Leaver

16 year old Carrie has just left school and wanted to test her pursuit to become a chef. “I’ve enjoyed the hands-on experience and also the butchery!” Read Carrie’s story.

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