Do I need any previous experience? Is my age an issue?
There are no formal entry requirements for Culinary Arts Bronze Award, providing the establishment is confident that you are likely to successfully pass the programme of study.

For Culinary Arts Silver Certificate, you must have completed the Bronze Award or equivalent. Equally for the Culinary Arts Gold Diploma the Bronze Award and Silver Certificate must first be completed to gain entry.

How do I know which course is for me?

This is dependent on your situation, aspirations and experience.

Our Culinary Arts Bronze Award sets students up with a foundation of knowledge and skills and is a great entry level course. This would be the perfect choice for Gap Year students to learn valuable life skills, it would also be suited to those embarking on a career change, aspiring chefs and keen foodies.

The Culinary Arts  Silver Certificate is for those with a foundation already in place. It appeals to existing chefs, as a continuation of practices learnt at the Bronze Award level for aspiring chefs. Career changers may also wish to advance onto this course to further professionalize their skills.

Our Culinary Arts Gold Diploma is suited to ambitious existing chefs, aspiring chefs wishing to fast track their career and again provides the strongest transition for those seeking a career change. This course will develop and inspire to an advanced level, as well as support throughout work experience and offer business operational skills.

How will I be assessed?
After sufficient training, students are required to recreate dishes under exam conditions in a real life kitchen environment to demonstrate knowledge and skills. All units must be passed to achieve the qualifications. The CTH exams are externally written, internally assessed and externally moderated by a member of the CTH examining team.

Courses are almost entirely practical – there is no theory lessons or exams.

What are my career prospects once I’ve completed this course?
There is an increasing demand for qualified and talented professionals, across many areas of the industry. Our qualifications are Internationally recognised and possible career avenues are outlined in our brochure – please request one!

Is there any support for finding a job afterwards?
Yes, WhitePepper uniquely provides career support for up to 3 years post graduation. This includes optional 1-2-1 careers meetings to help crystallise career choices and establish a path. Upon graduation students will be invited to join our  closed Alumni group.

How quickly can I find employment?
Many graduates move straight into new jobs, having secured them during their time with us.  We don’t guarantee jobs for our students but proactive students have access to our ‘industry network’ and receive job specific references from WhitePepper.

Is there any support for setting up a food business after the course?
We run a highly recommended Food Business Start-up Course, details can be found in the dropdown menu below Chef Academy.

Where can I park?

To find the Main Carpark, take the 1st right in front of the farm buildings (marked by a red gate) and follow the track to the rear.

If you are with us for a full day or a Professional course we would consider you long stay, therefore please park in a friendly way which, allows full use of the parking areas. We share our parking facilities with another 4 businesses on site, many of which are only short term.

If possible pack into one of the barns (remember to leave space for others to get in as well please!) Once parked there is a passage way that connects the carpark to the courtyard, follow this to reach our entrance!

Overflow parking during the dry summer months can be found in the field opposite the courtyard (to the left). Please be aware of parking up here for long stay whilst the weather is wet!

Short-term parking is in the Courtyard where the entrance to WhitePepper can also be found, please try to avoid parking here if you are with us all day.

If you’re attending an evening course please park in the courtyard, as the rest of the parking areas will be locked down.