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A deliciously different gift from WhitePepper. Present the foodie in your life with a truly unique and inspirational cookery experience.

Don’t forget to also buy the relevant course(s) at the same time as buying the gift voucher, if you already know the course/date that your recipient may like. If you don’t know this, you can just select a gift voucher and pass on the credit for maximum flexibility on behalf of your recipient.

Click the book button (above) according to the value of the voucher that you require.

You’ll find an option for ‘adding’ a postal option to receive a physical gift card. This is best delivered to you (the purchaser) to apply your special note before gifting.

Alternatively, you can skip the postal option and download a printable voucher.

The design of the voucher is the same as the card (above). The layout is such that it will fold into an envelope neatly.

Course dates can be changed later subject to T&Cs.