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Invest in Training & Avoid Agency Fees


What are Chef Scholarships?As you know, the UK Hospitality industry is currently suffering from a shortage of trained chefs. Chef Scholarships is a WhitePepper programme which links individuals wishing to train as a chef, with organisations wanting to hire them.

How WhitePepper can help?

WhitePepper is an established Chef Academy and one of only three CTH Gold Centres in the UK. Our graduates are highly sort after and often have multiple jobs offers before their course completes. By linking individuals and businesses before the training starts, we aim to attract more great people into the industry.

Are you wanting to become a chef?

Anyone with a passion for food and determination to learn, is welcome to train with WhitePepper. You must be over 16 years and willing to attend a full time, 16 week training programme, based in Dorset, UK. To be awarded a Chef Scholarship, you need to commit to work for the Foodie business, who are supporting your training. You will need to contribute towards the fees and/or pay a % back during your employment.

Are you wanting to hire chefs?

Well regarded restaurants & foodie businesses are invited to offer WhitePepper Chef Scholarships. We will match your business, with a student chef who would like to work for you after graduation. Contracts will be in place to outline the details and ensure your investment in training, is worthwhile.

What Chef qualification will be gained?

The L4 Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts is the highest Chef qualification in the UK and is recognised globally. It is accredited by the CTH and regulated by Ofqual.  Students learn a broad range of advanced culinary skills and our graduates are confident and motivated professionals!

Our L4 Diploma is an intensive 16 week in person training course, based at WhitePepper HQ in Dorset. This means students can be ready to start work, in a very short space for time.  Similar courses as College would take over three years to complete.

How do the finances work?

WhitePepper will arrange the Chef Scholarship, by pairing individuals with businesses.

The cost of the course is shared between both parties and a contract outlines all the arrangements.

Things to agree in advance:

  1. How to split the course fees
  2. How long the individual is committed to work for the business
  3. If a proportion of fees will be repaid during salaried employment


What happens after graduation?


For WhitePepper graduates:

Upon graduation, you will commence work with the employer. By this stage, you will have visited them in person, during the L4 work experience week and be familiar with the working environment. This is the start of a fantastic working relationship and opportunity to gain really valuable experience in the setting.

For Foodie Businesses:

Upon graduation, a newly training and inspired chef will be joining your team. You will know months in advance and can plan working schedules accordingly. It’s an opportunity to benefit from all the skills they have gained during the L4 Diploma, to help deliver and develop your culinary offering.

Matching process

Restaurants and Foodie businesses who are offering Chef Scholarships will be marketed to potential WhitePepper students. Interested students will need to apply and WhitePepper will facilitate the arrangements.


Chef Scholarship Opportunities:

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