A Day in the Life of a WhitePepper Student

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  • Start your day with a fresh coffee and relaxing catch up with your culinary colleagues. Change into your chef whites and ensure knife wallets are at the ready.
  • Learning often starts with a cookery demonstration, showcasing the skills and recipes you will need to master during the course. Our inspiring and encouraging Chef Tutor Team explain the science behind the culinary techniques and how to bring a sense of WOW to your cooking.
  • It’s then your turn to recreate the recipes, following a step-by-step approach, with the Chef Tutor Team there to support your learning. It’s challenging but great fun!
  • There’s time to review your cooking, gain helpful feedback and take photos to add to your portfolio of achievement. Your Instagram account is looking incredible…

Lunch time

Lunch time means a well-deserved break to sample your cooking in our communal dining area or outside if the weather permits. A trip to the ‘Barn Café’ next door is popular or a breath of fresh air in the beautiful countryside location.


  • The afternoon session is used to continue and consolidate your learning. Depending on your course, you might be learning the art of brioche dough, or the perfect lamb wellington, or the secret of a great fish stock or how to make stunning raspberry souffles!
  • There will be a focus on plating up beautifully, understanding flavours, menu planning and food sustainability.

Exciting and varied

Each new day at WhitePepper is new and exciting. Our more advanced courses incorporate guest chefs to teach specialist skills, such as sushi and cheese making.  There are trips to various local Foodie businesses to widen your understanding of the industry and work experience with renowned local restaurants, to build your experience and confidence.

You even have the chance to run your own Pop-up restaurant, preparing and serving your dishes to the Foodie community. By the end, you’ll have made lifelong friends, contacts in the Food industry and be ready to reach your potential, fast!