Hospitality Grants mean Half-price training for aspiring chefs

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WhitePepper Chef Academy are excited to announce the release of new Hospitality Grants for the UK Food industry. This means 2022 is the perfect time to gain a professional culinary qualification, change career or enhance culinary skills.

Currently Hospitality Grants are available on L2 & L3 qualifications starting 12th May 2022. (Limited places available, no prior experience required).

The aim of the grants is to boost the UK Food industry, given the enormous challenges of Brexit and Covid 19, over the past two years. One problem facing the industry is a severe lack of training culinary staff and high numbers of job vacancies.

“Hospitality businesses are more than twice as likely as other industries to be experiencing challenges in filling vacancies.” (Office of National Statistics, Sept 2021).

The silver lining to all these circumstances is an amazing opportunity for young aspiring chefs! The Hospitality grants mean half-price training and a very buoyant jobs market upon graduation. To find out more contact or apply now

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