June-Video, Vegan & Raw

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Well June came and went fast didn’t it!?

We had a productive month for sure! Lots of preparation has gone into our video planning. We have just launched a brand new WhitePepper Video which showcases our brand, location and setting, along with all we have to offer for our potential professional students.

We are so excited about this, it has been slowly taking shape since January and we have spent 2 amazing days filming with the great Richard Sealey.

This video will offer a virtual overview of The Chef Academy to those international students who are unable to attend open days with us.

Check out the video link at the bottom.

Recently we have had a bit of an uplift in branding, with new hand painted signs-thanks Joe Coleman!

We have new art work in the kitchen, which shows off some of Mr Mark Treasure’s dishes.

Everywhere has been repainted, touched up and the garden is overflowing with herbs, tomatoes and runner beans! We have surely smashed it with manifesting the perfect weather for a video shoot! It was perfect, we ventured through Bournemouth to set the scene and did some drone shots over Old Harry Rocks to show how close we are to the coast- perks of this being the freshest fish and seafood around! Back to HQ for the rest of the shooting where we welcome you into the Bere Farm Estate and there we demonstrate the Culinary Skills we teach and much more!


The launch of our FIRST EVER Vegan & Raw course happened! This was great… I may be slightly biased, being a Vegan myself but it was a total success! The recipes were exciting and super healthy, we had a nice mix of students in and everyone enjoyed the day.

The brand new mustard aprons were out in full force, so the kitchen was a visually vibrant place to be, which was also the case with the food.

Students created a great and hearty soup with a tomato base, quinoa and raw kale… I know it doesn’t sound that exciting right?! Wrong! It was awesome. What a punch of flavour it was packing, it was perfect as a starter sized portion to accompany the Buckwheat and mixed rice salad- it would also work as a big fat bowl in the winter as a total body warmer! As for the salad, this is my new favourite… so many flavours, textures and colours. A mix of dried fruit and crunchy roasted hazelnuts made this a salad I could just eat forever!! It also showcases one way in which you can use such a staple ingredient such as rice, not just to accompany a curry.

We discover how to make chia seed pudding and how this could be enjoyed as a dessert, but also as a quick breakfast that you could whip up the night before and leave to set in the fridge.


‘Over Night Oats’ are all the rage these days, this is a similar set up, just totally gluten free as well.

We made ours with Almond Milk but it would work just as well with Soy, Oat, Hemp, Coconut or any other plant based milk you prefer. My current favourite is Oatly 🙂

Plant based milks, also all the rage right now with the continuous Vegan movement that is sweeping through the country. They are great once you find one that works for you, I have been using these far longer than I have been Vegan. If you suffer from bloating or feel that dairy makes you feel heavier than you should, then you need to give them a try… There’s no need to worry about Calcium deficiency or Protein, as many of the replacements have this covered already. Plus you can balance this out with other parts of your diet. There is still the big debate on which is the most sustainable and there will always be those ready to fight a corner for one against another! My tip for choosing things in general is to look at how many ingredients are in there. If there are too many or you don’t know how to pronounce  them then should you really put that in your body?! Make sure you know what is in your fuel at all times, big words with too many X’s in definitely put me off!

The afternoon gave way to more demonstrations, Mark made an INCREDIBLE mushroom Carbonara which was also Gluten Free, with raw courgette noodles. Students took home the recipe for this one to try at home later.

We finished the day with an Avocado Cacao Torte…what more can I say! Healthy, delicious, VERY moreish and something that can be whipped up quite easily for a naughty but not so naughty treat or you could share it at a Dinner Party!

So to conclude it was a really enjoyable day with a great group and I cannot wait until the next one… which is not until May 🙁 looks like I will have to!!

We have started taking bookings for this already due to high demand, so if you are interested in getting involved please get in touch.

Give me (Aimee) a call in the office on 01202 280050

While we are looking ahead by quite some time you can make use of our Early Bird Discount Deal, this allows you to book a 1 day recreational course 9 months in advance and make a saving of 30%!! All offers must be redeemed over the phone- check out the terms of the offer here.


Take me to the Vegan page to check it out and book on! (Remember no deals apply through the website)

If you haven’t seen it yet….New WP video here!

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