Culinary Arts Bronze Award- Week 3

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Day 11

Its the last week at The Academy for our Bronze students and they have 3 days left of cooking, as on Wednesday and Thursday the group will be split into 2 for their final assessments.

Today they will create a Pork Schnitzel dish with a semolina rosemary and parmesan crust served with polonaise potatoes, watercress butter and pickled apples.

In the afternoon they will get creative again with macarons and fill these with creme au Beurre mousseline.

Day 12-

Last day of cooking before assessments and today they will make a great lamb wellington, surrounded by a chicken mousse and served with minted crushed peas.

The students will also prepare the ganache centres for their chocolate fondants and line the moulds ready for the afternoon. The day finishes with chocolate fondant, tuiles and raspberry decoration.

Debrief in the later part of the afternoon, a run through of tomorrows’ assessment dishes, discussing timeplans and how the next 2 days will be executed.

Day 13- Assessment Day 1

Today is all go go go for Harry, Brendan, Patty, Simon, Maria & Jerome who will have their heads down and the pressure up, during the morning session they kick off at 09:30 and need to exit the kitchen having plated up, with tidy work stations by 12:45.

The chef tutors will then lock the kitchen down whilst we taste, examine and grade everything, and once we’ve finished the assessments, the group as a whole swoop back in and the students who are not cooking today will act as kitchen porters for those being assessed.

Time is tight for them to get organised as the afternoon session launches at 13:30. They will then have 2 hours to complete their afternoon assessment dishes.

Like we’ve experienced so far with this group the concentration is high and the end results are great! There is a noticeable art of simplicity applied when plating up and this whole group are conscious of their surrounding work stations, all trying to tweak their finishing touches.

Time wise they absolutely smashed it, and only needed a gentle nudge to vacate the kitchen!

Day 14-

Same set up applies today, now its game time for Jasmine, Dylon, Richard, Laila, Kelly and Cristian. Between the group they’ve taken apart the rest of the lamb ready to mince for Friday’s burgers, which will be their Graduation lunch tomorrow!

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