Professional Culinary Arts Training

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If you are planning towards a career change or aspiring to become a chef, you may be familiar with our Professional Courses, if we are new to you then welcome to WhitePepper Chef Academy!

We specialize in Professional Culinary Training and are passionate about elevating people towards achieving their culinary dreams.

This could be anything from gaining entry into professional kitchens, providing a solid foundation for those keen to start up their own food business, or implementing necessary life skills for those embarking on a gap year or university journey.

We have recently won The Education Award at this years BAPTA Awards, which is really exciting and supports our vision of delivering concise, comprehensive and high value culinary training, in a welcoming bespoke setting, with the intention of transporting people into the industry.

Our culinary arts courses are widely suitable, with our entry level course requiring no previous experience.

Firstly it is important to be aware that all of our courses can be attended individually.

It is therefore really helpful for us to understand your motivation to attend specific courses.

Ask yourself…

What would you like to get out of this course?

Do you need the CTH qualification?

Are you seeking inspiration and to up-skill?

Do you require experience, knowledge and confidence in your practice?

The Bronze, Silver and Gold are available to anybody who would like access to all of the above.

In house WhitePepper certificates are presented to all on completion of the course along with the relevant medal and presentation box.

If you’re set on achieving the full internationally recognized qualification you will need to work your way through all of them.

We are strong believers in the importance of investing in your career. We also understand that it is not always realistic financially and also on a time scale for people to give up months of their lives and out of their work schedule in order to train towards a new goal or direction. This is the reason we have designed these concise courses, for you to Reach Your Potential, Fast!

The reason we offer them individually is to make our  high value and comprehensive services accessible to those of varying abilities.

We often have Bronze students return to complete the Silver Certificate and now that we’ve launched the Gold we look forward to even more of you returning!

The Gold Diploma can be worked towards in 3 stages, or of course as a complete 16 week training programme.


The first step on the Culinary ladder is our Bronze Award. this is a 3 week foundation programme which covers a broad range of cookery techniques.

All of our courses use the highest quality local produce.

This course will introduce students to sustainability, teach skills required to build menus and cost out recipes. Stocks, sauces, soups, butchery, fish and seafood will all be explored practically during your time on this course. This course will open up doors into entry level professional kitchen positions.

The Culinary Arts Silver Certificate is the next step on the ladder. This is a 4 week course, at an intermediate level which can be attended by anyone who has already implemented a solid foundation of culinary skills. Prospects are great for junior chef graduates at this level.

Provenance trips are offered at this level as well as a more technical approach. There is further butchery and fish work and the ingredients will take a more usual turn. This is noticeably more advanced then the Bronze Award.

The newly launched Gold Diploma is the final stage and can be started in October for 9 weeks of advanced training.

Here, we include a full week of Provenance trips, we will also be organizing work experience placements for a week on your behalf.

Each of the remaining weeks offers a separate area of advanced focus such as Vegetarianism/Plant based cookery, Farinaceous, International Cookery, and Advanced butchery.

This is perfect for existing chefs with significant experience and highly skilled individuals who would like to upgrade their skills further than the Bronze and Silver level, and to advance towards senior chef positions.  For students graduating at the highest level the prospects are excellent and are enabled by our 3 years career support which we offer for all our graduates at any level.

Please visit each page for more information on the specific course content.

Culinary Arts Bronze Award

Culinary Arts Silver Certificate

Culinary Arts Gold Diploma

If you would like further information on any of these courses or to request a brochure please get in touch on 01202 280050.

We would love to hear from you, it is always great to discuss your specific motivation and requirements so don’t be shy!

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