Day 6-8 Week 2 Culinary Arts Bronze Award

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Day 6- Week 2.

Week 2 and students return after a restful weekend to get back in action in the training kitchen. Today is an Authentic Indian theme as we continue working on different curries.

A deep and rich chickpea, sweet potato and spinach curry will be on the cards, this will be accompanied by some really great milk breads which are made like a naan style, but then deep fried until they puff up. Also a mint chutney from scratch.

The afternoon is an Indian Savarin which is called Gulab Jamun and a spiced take on a Biscotti recipe.

The curry recipes are generally well received by all of our students and are great for our Vegetarian staff members!


Day 7-8

Two full on fish days start here! Students will be tested on their filleting skills, preparation and execution. Cuttlefish dismantling is a great skill to learn, students will take these apart from whole, remove the beaks, quills and ink sacks and fight the beautiful black mess, in order to reveal the pure white flesh.

Risotto Nero is the outcome we are looking for today, with a Baked Fillet of Hake topped with a fresh herb crumb.

These dishes come as an introduction to fish handling and filleting, preparing students for their fish assessment day tomorrow.

After a busy morning, the afternoon looks much the same for there is a lot of prep to do for tomorrow.

Accompaniments for the assessment dishes involve charring courgettes for ribbons, making the pesto and herb oil, preparing potatoes, a reduction and finally making their fruit jam for doughnuts.

Day 8-

Fish Assessment Day- The assessment dishes for the day are as follows.

Baked Trout Fillet with Charred Courgette and Rosti

Gilthead Bream with Ginger Beurre Blanc and a garnish of spring onion, lime and brunoise.

To finish off a challenging morning, pro students will also start the dough for their doughnuts.

After a great line up of dishes and some exceptional results students can relax a little this afternoon whilst they cure their duck legs in preparation for Thursday and make their doughnuts.

From someone who ‘doesn’t like doughnuts’ I am always surprisingly excited about this particular afternoon activity!

Believe when I say that if you think you don’t like doughnuts, this recipe will totally challenge that thought and WIN! Patty Evans will certainly agree with this one, as she found out this afternoon!

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