Day 1& 2- Culinary Arts Bronze Award Diary

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Day 1-

Our April Culinary Arts Bronze Award is underway. We welcome a full group of 13 students from as close as Poole and as far as Australia!

We are excited to get stuck in and our first day offers them time to settle in to their new surroundings. We have a tour of the facilities, get the final paperwork out of the way and get stuck in to some demonstrations.

Today there is no pressure for these guys to cook, its all on us! First we meet everyone and introduce ourselves and then its on to the demos!

We present the most effective ways of preparing stocks, both white and brown and demonstrate how we would then use these for soups, risottos and sauces.

As the training kitchen fills with incredible hearty smells already, the next demo is a quick Sourdough which we will ferment over night.

An awesome welcome lunch is crafted beautifully by Mark Treasure and Andrew Ham, whilst our new students explore the grounds of Bere Farm and check out the neighbouring businesses.

Lunch is a Chicken Tarragon and Summer Vegetable Risotto.

In the afternoon we will look at a Dorset Apple cake recipe and start to prepare the decorations for this piece which will be assembled tomorrow. The dehydrator will get some air time as we make a batch of apple crisps and students will get creative with hazelnuts and spun sugar.

A great first day of student cooking all round, lots of concentration and some really great results coming out of the kitchen already!

Well done guys.

Day 2-

Today we continue the teachings of the brown stock and then Mark will demonstrate his Sourdough which he will leave to prove and then bake.

First on the agenda for the students is to make their own Soda Bread for which they will be using beer as the raising agent. This one will not form part of any assessment.

Then on to the main event for today which will be a New England Mussel Chowder, students will be required to use what they learnt about stock production the day before in order to create a full flavoured Chowder. This will be served with a side of their bread and the scoring will commence from this point onward.

In the afternoon we will move on to something sweet and serve up our Dorset Apple cake with dessert style Creme Chantilly really showing this as a showstopper once assembled.

Students will cook and set their Creme Caramels ready for turning out tomorrow to be assessed, this is a tricky one so fingers crossed all round.

Fruit salad and Tuilles are all also pre prepared this afternoon ready to serve up with the Creme caramel tomorrow.

Looking forward to it!


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