We Did It!! #BAPTAS… next stop Cookery School of The Year!

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2018 is a BIG year for WhitePepper.

We’ve undergone some team changes, rolled out 2 Professional Courses already (Bronze & Silver), a couple of 5 day courses (Food Business Start Up & Intermediate Cookery) and we have also launched our brand new 16 week GOLD Diploma.

To top it all off and start Spring with a definite Spring in our step, we’ve brought home an award!

This is hopefully to be the first of many for the year, but to say we are thrilled is an understatement!

We attended the finals of the #BAPTAS last week and were up against real serious contenders in our final category.

We won The Education Award!

This is such a great achievement for us, this was realized even further when we were informed that the catchment area for this award was a 50 mile radius outside of the  Bournemouth and Poole postcodes!!!

Some of our competition were Universities, Language Schools and European funded organisations of every size.

We are truly passionate about elevating people into a professional culinary setting where they can begin a change of career, start a business or their journey up the chef ladder. There is an exciting energy and connection created when you support someone through the first steps of a career change and to receive recognition for all our energy and dedication just makes it all that much more rewarding.

It was great to escape WPHQ for a night, with most of the WhitePepper team for a night off (although we really missed Mark, Andrew, ZoeAnn & John). The #BAPTAS team were amazing hosts and put on an awesome night.

Thank you to the BAPTAs, all the sponsors and our new friends at Country Fare for nominating us! We will be working with you guys shortly!

Back on the scene, we are buzzing with fresh drive and are all super energized about the rest of our BIG year ahead.

We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of our past and present students, across the UK and the world for all your support. Some of you will be returning this year to further your education, we look forward to welcoming you back!

If you have been a fan or student of WhitePepper and LOVE what we do here please VOTE for us now in the Food & Travel Magazine 2018 Awards.

#Cookery School of the Year is our next goal, this is a national competition purely based on the public vote so please show your support for us and get voting!

Here is how to get your vote in….

  1. Simply register @ https://foodandtravel.com/member
  2. Then activate account from your email.
  3. Simply log in, https://foodandtravel.com/awards
  4. Scroll down: Cookery School of The Year category.
  5. Enter WhitePepper in box 1 (there is no requirement to fill out box 2 & 3).

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