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Did you know that there are many different types of Vegetarians?

With the rise of Vegetarian and Flexitarian diets, in the current market we took the leap from a 3 hour evening course and transformed our Vegetarian Cookery into a full day.

We showcased this for the first time this week and it was a great success.

We demonstrate a variety of recipes which would entice even those solid meat eaters!

Recipes for you to roll out straight away at home with ease, and others that will require practice in order to perfect them.

We discuss the different types of Vegetarian and how each of these differ and what they all mean.

We teach you how to transform the humble cauliflower– a vegetable that has totally come back into the spotlight recently!

We will make you wonder how you’ve lived without Dukkah in your lives until now!

Give you the wow factor with a delicious twice baked butternut squash and cheese souffle which you will start with our guidance and then finish off cooking at home.

The potato gnocchi will finalize the proof that vegetarian food is not only no longer boring but it can also be filling too!

This course is great for those who are already converted, those who are conscious of a diet change and even those hearty meat eaters.

We’ve noticed that a lot of people are not adventurous enough when preparing vegetarian dishes or they need some inspiration to get away from boring veggie plates and the standard roasted veg. If this sounds at all familiar come and join us on our next one on May 18th, and see how simple and exciting the results can be!

If you’re thinking of starting a Vegan lifestyle and need some practical assistance, check out our brand new Vegan/Raw course which we debut on June 29th.

Get in touch if you’re interested, places are limited.


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