Chocolate Truffles

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The ultimate truffle recipe which makes for a fun Christmas activity. Why not turn them into an edible Christmas present or serve with coffee after dinner?


  • 225g dark chocolate
  • 125g unsalted butter
  • 180 ml whipping Cream
  • A splash of Liquor (Baileys/Cointreau), optional
  • White chocolate, grated
  • Chocolate vermicelli
  • Cocoa powder for rolling


  1. Using a cooks knife, carefully shave and cut the chocolate into small pieces. The chocolate maybe coarsely grated if you prefer. Heat the cream with the butter, until melted and combined. Allow the mixture to boil, when boiling remove from heat.
  2. Pour the boiling mixture onto the chocolate pieces, stir to combine. Alcohol maybe added at this stage. Allow to set. Accelerate the process by placing the chocolate bowl in the fridge.
  3. Once set, use a teaspoon to scoop the mixture into walnut sized pieces. With cool hands roll each ball of chocolate into neat round shapes and set aside. Continue with the remaining truffle mixture.
  4. To finish: Decorate the truffles by rolling them in chocolate or cocoa powder. Present the truffles in petit four cases as a Christmas gift or simply as a treat.

White Pepper’s Top Tip: If the truffles are to be stored they are best kept in an airtight container in a cool, dark place (not the fridge). They should last for several weeks.

Do you have a favourite truffle recipe? Have you tried our recipe and given it your own unique twist? Tell us in the comments below…

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