Samphire Tempura

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This recipe has been created by Teruko Chagrin who has lived in Dorset for more than 20 years……Teruko’s recipes are healthy and make authentic Japanese cookery accessible. She values sustainability and the use of local ingredients and teaches a variety of traditional Japanese cooking methods through her unique ‘quick cook courses’

One common misconception we wanted to expel is that sushi means raw fish. In fact, sushi just means traditional vinegard rice with all sorts of mouth-wateringly delicious fillings like marinated fish, seared prawns and vegetables.

Join us for a very social and hands on cookery event in November 2013 or February 2014…Cooking Japanese food will never fail to impress your guests and of course your friends and family!

Samphire Tempura
  • Serves 4
  • 90g Samphire
  • Tempura Batter:
  • 5 tbsp self raising flour
  • 60ml chilled water
  • Ice cubes (a few)
  • 200ml Sunflower oil (depending on the size of your frying pan)
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • Tempura Dipping Sauce:
  • 160ml Dashi-stock (available in Japanese stores. MSG free)
  • 1 tbsp Soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp Sake
  • 1 tbsp Mirin
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • Pinch of sea salt
    • 1. Wash and cut the samphire into 5 cm pieces.
    • 2. Pat dry with kitchen paper.
    • 3. Heat up a frying pan, then pour in the oil for about 1cm depth.
    • 4. Gently heat the oil up to 170°C.
    • 5. Put the flour in a large bowl, then pour in the cold water with ice cubes.
    • 6. Fold the flour gently. (Ignore some lumpy flour bits.)
    • 7. Put the samphire into the batter, then pick some pieces at once to put into the hot oil.
    • 8. Drop 4 or 5 samphire bunches into the oil at any one time to cook for approximately 2-3 minutes. (The batter on the edge gets crispy brown).
    • 9. Turn the samphire Tempura over to cook the other side for another a minute or two.
    • 10. Take them out of the oil, then let them stand on a mesh or kitchen paper for 30 seconds to drain the excess oil.
    • 11. Enjoy eating with a pinch of good sea salt or the dipping sauce, below.


  • Tempura Dipping Sauce:



    • 1. Put all the ingredients together in a saucepan then bring to the boil.
    • 2. Turn off the heat and serve hot or cold.

White Pepper’s Top Tip: The secret is not to stir the tempura mixture too much. It’s fine to have some lumps in the flour.

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