End of season at Lyon’s Head

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My Thursdays for the last three months have involved getting up at the crack of dawn, braving the cold, icy weather and roads and motoring over to Lyon’s Head, Dorchester in search of pheasants.  No suprise, there were loads, as this reserve holds thousands at the start of the season.  I met some really interesting people who all love their food.  I even picked up a recipe for a traditional Dorset apple cake, wow!  I should mention that throughout the season of beating we were fed superbly, although it did mean the final two drives of the day were a little slower than the initial four.  We were in fact treated to a hog roast on my last session at the end of January – there were second and third helpings of the delicious salty crackling! 

This blog is really an appreciation of the whole experience – the landscapes were awesome if not a little treturous, nothing a good pair of boots can’t sort out.  Having become quite accustomed and fairly proficient at beating, I think, I was given the opportunity to shoot over four drives.  The fact that I am writing this indicates that all went well!  Apparently I did okay, averaging a bird a drive.  To be honest I think they were being kind in saying this, although not that kind as my gun was a limited range 20 ball.  I still can’t hear out of my right ear but will definately be back next year.

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