Do I need any previous experience? Is my age an issue?
There are no formal entry requirements. Providing the establishment is confident that you may successfully graduate then you may apply.

I already have industry experience…Is this the right course for me?
We see plenty of chefs and industry professionals looking for inspiration and a modern qualification to propel their existing career. It is also Internationally recognised.

I’m considering a career change…Is this the right course for me?
Definitely, it is a succinct training course commonly used to ‘test the water’ then as a stepping stone to a career move.

I’m on a gap year and planning to go to university…Is this the right course for me?
This course is an excellent foundation of culinary skills that can be used as an essential skill throughout university and life. It also has the added bonus of a qualification.

How will I be assessed?
The course is divided into four units and you will be assessed via continuous and practical examination. You will be required to cook kitchen dishes in a real kitchen environment to demonstrate you have met the assessment criteria. All units must be passed to achieve the qualification. The exam is externally written, internally assessed and externally moderated by a member of the CTH examining team. There is no theoretical exam.

What are my career prospects once I’ve completed this course?
There is an increasing demand for qualified and talented professionals, across many areas of the industry. The qualification is Internationally recognised. There are a number of different career avenues, outlined in the brochure.

Is there any support for finding a job afterwards?
Yes, WhitePepper The Agency will provide support for up to 3 years after the course has finished. This includes an optional 1-2-1 careers meeting to help you find work and establish your career path.

How quickly can I find employment?
There is no reason why you can’t find work straight after the course. We don’t guarantee jobs for our students. We will put you in touch with relevant industry contacts, whether that is someone who has already started a food business, a vacancy on our books or a specialist recruitment agency.

Is there any support for setting up a food business after the course?
We have a partnership with Dorset Food & Drink who have a membership of over 100 small and medium sizes businesses. You’ll be invited to a VIP networking event with some of the members during the course.