Day 3 & 4 Bronze Award Diary

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Day 3-

Today students tackle a dish of Potato Gnocchi, Chorizo and Tomato with sage crisps as an accompaniment.

We are able to see the results of their Creme Caramels as they turn these out and serve them with the fruit salad and tuiles that they pre prepared yesterday.

Some craftsman ship coming out in the presentations already which is exciting to see!

In the afternoon its time for pastry. They will be making a double quantity ruff puff for multi purpose use.

First a shortcrust that will be put towards a 3 cheese souffle that will be on the agenda tomorrow. See below for some results!


Day 4- 

Time to put the pastry into action, which is easier said than done after its been chilling in the fridge over night! Nothing short of a work out gets the pastry rolled out for the souffle. A vibrant beetroot and ginger relish is created to serve alongside their souffle.

The sourdough which has been fermenting over night is proved once more and then goes into bake.

Mark demonstrates an awesome Creme Fraiche icecream for an accompaniment to the afternoons Tarte Tatin which is always great as there is a bit of competition and everyone gets involved.

Everyone has their first sourdough assessed which is the effort of 4 days worth of time and work.

Finally everyone gathers in the kitchen to witness each student turning out their Tarte Tatin, the standards are looking really good in this group so far and they had some amazing results today. Beautiful colouring in the pastry and caramelization of the pears and the whole training kitchen smelt incredible! Few burns  here and there, but happy faces all round! Nice.

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